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Exhibitions etc...

July 2012

Bread & Butter Berlin Fashionweek 2012 

Wink produces a big part of the Bread and Butter fair. They were asked to organize and produce a show with denim from the labels exhibiting on the fair. I assisted Maarten Spruyt on the styling for this spectacular show. We added a lot of clothes from young designers to divide the show in various religious themes.

January/February 2012

Salon/1 & Fashionweek 2012 

Soepboer & Stooker invited Ninette Schostack and me for an exhibition in their store during (and part of) the Salon/1 and Fashion Week Downtown program.

Photography: Ninette Schostack, Styling: Maaike Staal, Hair and Make-up: Anita Wagner, Model: Avalon @ Paparazzi

January 2012


Finally, the 12th of January the grand finale of the ELLE Style Awards took place. I was one of the 3 finalists, and with my show, based on the twenties movie Metropolis I won!!

​July 2011​


Studio Noir had an exhibition at Droog Design during Salon/2. We created an installation around one of the designs of Hanna ter Meulen. With each photographer of Studio Noir I created a picture around the design, resulting in 4 completely different pictures of the same design. We printed the pictures on transparent silk fabric, which turned around the jacket of Hanna which was exhibited in the middle of the installation. To make it an even more overwhelming experience we also added music to the installation to create the right vibe.

​July 2011​


Studio Noir was invited to exhibit a small selection of their best work and together we did a live photoshoot featuring the designs of young talent mixed with brands exposing on the fair. Visitors could take a look behind the scenes and follow the whole process of making a fashionserie.

June 2011​
For the exhibition of Angelique Hoorn during the Mode Biennale I have done the styling for the work of Danine Zwets, and the styling and editing with embroidery thread of the picture of Patricia van Heumen. Both images where photographed by Hanneke van Leeuwen.​

June 2011​
One weekend full of fashionshows and a big exhibition. Each artist of Studio Noir gave their view on the theme Fashion Clash, all styled by me.

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